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Why I started Electrician Vancouver is why you might care. I was inspired by my mother to start Electrician Vancouver. She pointed out that women and the elder generations don’t know who to turn to, or who to trust when faced with an electrical issue.

As a result, my aim is to ensure that women, middle aged and the senior community has an electrician who they can rely on in the following ways :

1. The price that’s quoted is the exact price  you will pay.
2. The promise that is made is the promise that you will receive.
3. The service that’s provided is quick, clean, safe, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee that you can always trust.

Our electrical contractor services in Vancouver include:

  • Construction, renovation, expansion
  • Insurance company inspection
  • Replace/upgrade old wiring
  • Electrical Service upgrade
  • Electrical panel installation
  • HID or LED lighting
  • Timer, photocell or network controls
  • Electrical contracting
  • Audio, video, telecommunications wiring
  • Electric car charger
  • High temperature shutdown systems
  • Anything you need – call now 778-245-4188 
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Our Vision

To change the culture of Vancouver based electricians to one where it’s natural and easy to trust any Electrician in Vancouver. I believe that together we can put unethical traders out of business by creating uniquely new ethical installation standards and service culture. 

Providing a good living for the ethical Electricians in Vancouver and guaranteed safety and peace of mind for you, our valued client.

About Electrician Vancouver

As an electrician in Vancouver, I specialize in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. Electricians may also  be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure, as well as data, telecommunications, audio/video, and cable lines.

The president of Electrician Vancouver personally challenges any customer to a squash game. The stakes are high. If you lose, you have to clean his bathtub, but if you win, he will award you a five pound bag of oranges. Are you up to the challenge?

Amazing guy, on call 24 hours a day! I really require help at a hotel the office cameras were down, he showed up Friday evening at 7pm, worked away and everything has been working for months. Chucky the owner of Electrician Vancouver is now my go to for all electrical repairs on 4 hotels.
Sean Mooney
I've done electrical construction for 4 years but I just couldn't deal with the issue. So I called Chucky at the recommendation of a friend and he immediately figured out what was going wrong. He turned a potential disaster into a job well done. My favorite electrician in Vancouver.
Philip Moss
I use this company for my business. Seems as if these mostly are fake one star reviews. I've had chuck work on all three of my locations and he's stayed true to his quotes and always on time. I hate when people put fake reviews. Really screws up what google is truly here for.
Robert Serena
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Honest and Reliable

I promise  that when it comes to ensuring your safety and security, which is another way for saying, taking care of your electrical requirements,  you have my guarantee, that what I do will be as good as you can get at a fair and reasonable price.  Both myself and my customers will tell you that I only make promises I can keep.

All you have to do is give Electrician Vancouver or office a call, and you’ll hear from me within 24 hours. Just in case you require an out of hours or emergency service – you’ll receive a call back in an hour.

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